Myth and Folktale Options Module Reading List

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‘Myth and Folktale in Children’s Literature’ Reading List

This module begins with the discussion of the oral tradition for children and the place of myth and folktale within it. The first part of the module will concentrate on the folktale and fairy-tale. Topics for discussion will include: the main theories of folktales and fairytales; the work of Perrault and the Grimms; Nineteenth Century fairytales; folktale and women; the way European folktales have been reworked for children in different forms (including the animated films of Disney and others) in this century; and folktales from different parts of the world.
The module will conclude with discussion of different theories of myth and the influence of certain mythical stories or collections of myth on contemporary children’s literature.

In preparation for this module — if it is chosen for your year! please do check this first! — you must buy the following texts:

Maria Tatar, The Classic Fairy Tales (Norton Critical Editions) — please note that this is *not* the same text as Tatar’s The Annotated Classic Fairy Tales!

L. Frank Baum, The Wizard of Oz (any non-abbreviated edition)

Alan Garner, The Owl Service (any edition)

Please also watch the following films:

The Princess Bride (1987; dir. Rob Reiner)

Shrek (2001, dirs. Vicky Jensen, Andrew Adamson).

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