Other Interesting Sites

Other Interesting Sites

There are three sections of links to interesting sites below, as follows:

Links to Course Texts on the Web

This section contains links to course texts available on the Web.

Search the huge Project Gutenberg site with out-of-copyright texts (including — mostly nineteenth century — children’s literature).

Children’s Literature Center of the American Library of Congress’s digitized children’s literature texts

J. J. Rousseau, Emile

Classics for Young People (this is a site on ‘The Children’s Literature Web Guide’ (see below), with a large range of classic children’s texts on the web: this link takes you directly there.).

Baldwin Library of Historical Children’s Literature

Kipling’s ‘Just So Stories’

For a list of past MA dissertations from the CIRCL MA in Children’s Literature please see our MA Dissertations page.

Academic Children’s Literature Studies Sites

There are thousands of sites on the web to do with children’s literature. The vast majority, however, are not concerned with academic work or research but with sites for parents, librarians, or other interested groups.

The sites mentioned below have been stringently selected to be of relevance to academic work and research.

If you wish to find the other types of site then links on the other sites will take you there. Otherwise just search the web as you would in general.

General Sites

International Research Society Children’s Literature (IRSCL)

The Children’s Literature Web Guide. (this is not an academic site as such, but it is one of the oldest and largest general sites on children’s literature)

Oxford Children’s Literature and Youth Culture Colloquium (jointly run by Oxford University and University of California, Berkeley, USA)

National Graduate Centre for Language and Literacy, University of Reading.

The UK Children and Media Network Home Page.

The Roehampton Institute National Graduate Centre for Research in Children’s Literature Web-Site.

University of Bolton part-time MA in Children’s Literature and Culture

Children’s Literature Center of the American Library of Congress

University of Ohio Libraries Children’s Literature Bibliography

Wayne State University, Purdy/Kresge Library, Children’s Literature Resource Guide

Graduate Centre for Research in Young People’s Texts and Cultures at the University of Winnipeg in Canada

Children’s Books Central (a large collection of links to web-sites with children’s books illustrations and other information sites)

Jim May’s Eighteenth Century Children’s Literature Bibliography site

Professor Ruth Bottigheimer’s Bibliography of British Books for Children & Adolescents 1470-1770

International Graduate Centre for Research in Children’s Literature, Literacy and Creativity at the University of Worcester, UK.

Research Collections at the University of Worcester

Sussex Graduate Centre for Folklore, Fairy Tales and Fantasy at the University of Chichester.

The University of Pittsburgh’s ‘Representing Childhood’ project

Sites from Other Countries and Areas

The Web-Site of the French ‘Graduate Centre International d’Etudes en Litterature de Jeunesse’

African Children’s Literature Web-Site (in English)

Dutch Royal Library Children’s Book resources
(available also in English if you click on ‘English homepage‘)

‘Bookchat site’ on South African Children’s Literature
(in English; including access to the SACBIP database (South African Children’s Books in Print); mostly in English and isiXhosa).

Puku: South African Book Project

Greek Children’s Literature Web-site (in English)

Children’s Literature Studies in Italy (partly in English, partly in Italian)

Shiras University Graduate Centre for Children’s Literature Studies (SUCCLS) in Iran

University of Frankfurt Institute for Children’s Literature Studies (in German)

(Literary) Theory Sites 

Students’ Views

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