Mr Tony Watkins

Mr Tony Watkins, BA (Leeds), MEd, PGCE (Bristol), Founder and Past Director of CIRCL and the MA in Children’s Literature

Tony Watkins lectured on Children’s Literature in many parts of the world including the USA, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Spain and Russia as well as the UK. Tony sadly passed away on 23-12-2017 after a long illness. We remember him with gratitude and love.

Tony’s publications in the field include:

articles in W. Parsons & R. Goodwin (eds) Landscape and Identity: Perspectives from Australia, 1994

in Maria Nikolajeva (ed.) Aspects and Issues in the History of Children’s Literature, 1995

in Peter Hunt (ed.) Children’s Literature: An Illustrated History, 1995

two articles in Peter Hunt (ed.)The International Companion Encyclopaedia of Children’s Literature, 1996

the editing and introducing (with Karin Lesnik-Oberstein and Catriona Nicholson) of the January 1999 volume (23.1) of The Lion and the Unicorn on ‘Contemporary British Children’s Literature’

the co-editing (with Dudley Jones) of a collection of essays entitled ‘A Necessary Fantasy?’: The Heroic Figure in Children’s Popular Culture, Garland Press, New York, 2000.

His other research interests included the representations of space (particularly landscape) and time in children’s literature and their relationship to myths of cultural and national identity.

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