(Post-)Colonial Options Module Reading List

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‘(Post-)Colonial/ Commonwealth Children’s Literature’ Reading List

This course will examine a range of texts from, or set in, selected Commonwealth countries (India, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and an Anglophone African country such as Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya or Uganda) by authors writing in both colonial and post-colonial contexts. This is likely to include work by some of the following writers: R.M. Ballantyne, G.A. Henty, Peggy Appiah, Ken Saro-Wiwa, Chio Enwonwu, Rudyard Kipling, Dhan Ghopal Mukerji, Ruskin Bond, L.M. Montgomery, Ernest Thompson Seton, Norman Lindsay, Patricia Wrightson, Nadia Wheatley, Morris Gleitzman, Ruth Park, Margaret Mahy, Jean Little, and Janet Lunn.

Problems to be considered include: how far can these texts be related to one another through their use of generic conventions (for example, in realistic fiction or fantasy)? How far can the literature be related to national cultures? What issues are thrown up by the presentation of different languages and cultures in these texts? How useful is post-colonial literary criticism for understanding the texts? What are the implications of debates about ‘authenticity’ in relation to the representation of indigenous peoples and cultures in these texts?

Note: the final choice of authors and works will depend upon the availability of texts in Britain.

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